Government & Public Sectors

Wawa Energy Solutions (WES) products offer an ideal solution for the renewable energy needs of organizations within the public sector such as local government office facilities.

Any combination of our products and services, which include the installation of the Energy Ball V100 or V200 quiet wind turbines, highly efficient solar heat tubes, solar PV panels, and the efficient and flexible DC Air Conditioner, can create a remarkable energy savings for your organization.

These savings will inevitably lead to greater resource conservation and tremendous added value for the public sector institution and its constituents and improve your image in your respective communities.

In addition, EV Island placement on business property is an ideal solution for those organizations that want to encourage and facilitate electric vehicle usage among its staff, employees, and executives within its community. 

While people and businesses everywhere are searching for the most beneficial and sustainable renewable energy products to help curb the reliance on fossil fuels, Wawa Energy Solutions is here to provide easy and accessible solutions to the energy crisis facing Africa.