As an Energy Service Companies (ESCO), Wawa and its strategic partners design and install energy-efficient technologies for clients in the commercial, industrial, residential, or public sector.  First step in the ESCO processes is to perform a complete energy audit of the institution and/or project on hand.

Remuneration is calculated based on the amount of energy saved as result of the implementation of the energy audit recommendations. After the term of the contract is complete, which typically is one to two years, the value of the energy savings is passed on 100% to the end-user or client.

ESCOs have successfully operated in many developed countries for years and now starting to evolve in few countries in Africa. Despite the simplicity of the concept, they have yet to gain a significant foothold in many developing countries.

Overall, ESCOs provide a promising opportunity to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions through increased energy efficiency in a variety of sectors in developing countries.

Wawa is keen in filling this gap by providing ESCO solutions for the large business opportunities that exist in the sector.  

ESCO services and solutions offered by Wawa can be summarized as follow:

1. Identification, development and design of energy-efficiency projects; 

2. Financing, or acquiring the financing, of the energy-efficiency project; 

3. Installation of energy-efficiency technology/equipment; and 

4. Measurement, monitoring and verification of the project’s energy savings.


Phases of typical ESCO project